SD 59 - Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

The Peace River South School District is a community in and of itself. We all want to see the same thing – the children in our schools developing and growing – and it is this that makes teamwork integral in our day-to-day. Every school uses the same language and approach to achieve our mission to ensure quality education, keeping our value of continuous learning for all close to our hearts. 

Our orientation for new teachers introduces you to the district administration team, including the Superintendent and Senior Admin Team, Human Resource staff, Learning Services staff, and local union representatives. It is our hope that these introductions are not superficial or become just another name in an email list, but that they are the beginning of connections that build strong relationships. All teachers and staff are invited to take part in district events throughout the year. It is through our learning events that teachers get to know those in the other schools and collaboratively learn from each other. 

A number of programs are also available to grow and develop your craft as a teacher. Professional Learning Communities, Foundations for Learning, and regular professional development are readily accessible to all teachers. Our new teachers can also take our in-house Mentorship Program, available to all who wish it.