SD 59 - Support in Classrooms

Support in Classrooms

The School District Resource Centre can help fill your classrooms with supplies for the school year. The Resource Centre houses thousands of physical and electronic resources for teachers to take advantage of. Additional resources available include support for literacy, numeracy, Indigenous education, resource acquisition (with the help of our Resource Centre staff), and student support services. 

Each school has a teacher known as a Coach Mentor who is part of the Indigenous Education department. These teachers work in the school to advocate for Indigenous students, with a focus on relationship-based learning. The Coach Mentor works with teachers to build deep connections with students and understand the individual needs of those students. Each term, the Coach Mentor meets with each classroom teacher to build a classroom profile, focusing on Indigenous learners in that classroom and how to adapt teaching styles for their betterment. We work to create classrooms that care for and nurture the learner, to create a sense of belonging. Coach mentors work with Indigenous students each term to create goals together – goals to either help with achievement or social-emotional learning.